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  • Ethan Musgrave, M.D.

EPPG Will No Longer Be In Network With United Healthcare As Of February 23 (UPDATED)

As of February 23, 2016, Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group will no longer be in network with United Healthcare. This includes United Behavioral Health (UBH), Optum Behavioral Health, Golden Rule, United Medical Resources (UMR), and Medicare Complete.

Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group will not be pursuing single case agreements or transitional care agreements.

We would love to continue to serve you. Many of our patients already pay us directly for their care.

The fees associated with our most common types of appointments at Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group are as follows:

- Brief (15-20 minute) appointment with psychiatrist/nurse practitioner: $135 ($140 for child/adolescent)

- Extended (25+ minute) appointment with psychiatrist/nurse practititioner: $160 ($170 for child/acolescent)

- 60 minute session with psychologist: $180

- 60 minute session with therapist: $150

Please keep in mind that these are just a few of the most commonly conducted types of appointments at Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group. Charges may differ for shorter or longer appointments, family sessions, groups, testing, etc. Please check with your clinician for clarification.

Full payment is due at the time of service if paying directly. You will receive a receipt that contains the information you need to file an "out of network" claim with your insurer. Please check your policy carefully to see if you have "out of network benefits."

If you would prefer to transfer care to an in-network provider, we will be happy to furnish a copy of your medical records to your new provider once the appropriate authorization is completed.

If you are seeking another in-network provider, we recommend that you consult your insurer or their website for a list of such providers.

UPDATE: Please disregard this message. Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group will remain in network with United. Please see this news post for more details.

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