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  • Ethan Musgrave, M.D.

Did You Receive a Letter From Aetna?

Many of our patients with Aetna insurance have reported receiving a letter from Aetna recently that seemed to indicate that Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group would no longer be in their network.

We would like to assure you that this is not true; the letter is unfortunately misleading.

The reason for the letter is that our intensive outpatient treatment program for substance use disorders, Eastover Awakenings, has closed. As a distinct program with specialized services, Eastover Awakenings had separate contracts with insurers. When the program closed, these particular contracts were terminated.

The letter that Aetna sent out refers to the closing of the Eastover Awakenings intensive outpatient program, NOT the rest of the clinicians at Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group. The letter does not make that clear.

The clinicians at Eastover Psychological & Psychiatric Group are still in network with Aetna and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

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