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  • Ethan Musgrave, M.D.

Telemedicine for COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working since last week to rapidly develop and expand our telemedicine capabilities. During this time the government, our licensing bodies, and insurance companies have significantly relaxed various restrictions and regulations regarding telemedicine.

On Monday, March 16 several clinicians began conducting telemedicine visits on a pilot basis. As of Wednesday, March 18 all clinicians are offering telemedicine visits for established patients via is a secure, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine service. There is nothing to download and no signup is required. simply works through the browser on your camera-equipped smartphone, tablet or computer.

At this time, clinicians are still seeing patients in person. However, we are strongly recommending that patients opt for telemedicine visits in the interest of social distancing.

In addition to your usual appointment reminder via text message, you will receive a second text message asking if you would like to opt for a telemedicine appointment. If you do, then you will receive a text message at your appointment time with a link to your clinician’s “virtual waiting room.” When your clinician is ready to begin your appointment, you will be connected. Payments will be taken care of by our staff afterwards.

Of note, we are only able to offer telemedicine visits to established patients at this time. There are various regulatory and practical barriers to using telemedicine for new patient appointments that we have not been able to work through yet. If you have a new patient appointment but are uncomfortable coming in person, we understand and will be happy to assist you with rescheduling your appointment.

Additionally, due to the rapidly evolving nature of this situation, it is quite possible that we may have to move to ONLY telemedicine appointments in the near future. You will be notified accordingly if your appointment is affected, and we will post an update here on the website as well.

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